RoamEO SeekR GPS Pet Tracking System

Simple, Affordable, Peace-of-Mind


We started with a simple premise: the most important feature for a pet tracking system should be tracking. Sure, sometimes it’s nice to have a system tell you how many steps your dog took last Thursday and it can be fun to watch video from a camera on your dog’s collar. But when your dog is missing, isn’t tracking the one feature you want your pet tracker to do really well?  Using this premise to guide our design, PetTronix set out to create a best-in-class pet location system with the sole utility of being able to track your dog quickly and accurately. The result was the RoamEO SeekR, a reliable GPS dog tracking system that transmits an unlimited amount of location data without restrictions or a monthly subscription plan.

The RoamEO SeekR begins tracking the instant you need it and transmits precise GPS location updates every few seconds, guiding you directly to your dog. The simplicity of tracking with real-time GPS data combined with the affordability of subscription-free technology make the RoamEO SeekR the ideal pet tracker to keep your loyal companion safe wherever your adventures take you.

Versatility for Your Lifestyle

A truly effective pet tracking system should keep your dog safe in the multitude of ways you and your pet share time together. Whether your dog goes everywhere with you or spends most of his time in your yard, the RoamEO SeekR comes with a variety of tracking modes that make it easier to keep your pet safe. Take walks every day with your dog? Make them safer with the ‘ShadowFence’ feature that will notify you if your dog wanders beyond the geo-fence perimeter that moves with you. Want a little help watching your pet at the local dog park? The ‘Search Mode’ will provide location updates from your pet every few seconds so you can relax while your dog enjoys time with his friends. And what if you only need to use a pet tracking system a few times a year? The subscription free RoamEO SeekR is the perfect solution, saving you the cost of monthly fees for services you aren’t using. No matter how or where you spend time with your pet, the RoamEO SeekR has a tracking mode that will help keep your dog safe.


Monitor your dog’s activity in real-time


Why Use This Mode

Locate your dog quickly with the distance and direction
information from your dog’s collar transmitter


How it Works

The collar transmitter constantly monitors your dog’s
movements and automatically refreshes
location data every few seconds


Location Update Rate

4 seconds


Locate your dog on demand—receive location
updates only when you request them

Why Use This Mode

For situations where occasional monitoring
your dog’s activity is sufficient


How it Works

The collar transmitter is in a low power state and
not tracking until it receives a ‘wake-up’ notification
to begin sending its location data.


Location Update Rate

4 seconds after a tracking event is initiated


Receive an immediate notification if your dog
exits a geo-fence perimeter.


Why Use This Mode

You want an immediate notification if your dog leaves a defined area


How it Works

A geo-fence perimeter is created around a fixed point,
such as a house, cabin or campsite. The collar transmitter
continuously verifies its location against
the perimeter and triggers an audible alert on
theHandheld within seconds if your dog exits


Location Update Rate

10 seconds


A circular geo-fence perimeter that moves with you


Why Use This Mode

You want a notification if your dog exits the circular
perimeter that is moving with you. Ideal for
walks or hikes with your dog.


How it Works

Collar actively checking location against geo-fence
coordinates; audible alert on Handheld if
collar exits definded perimeter.


Update Rate

10 seconds

Always on the Go with Your Pet?

Our ShadowFence is perfect for all of those interactive adventures with your dog. Unlike normal geo-fences that are built around a stationary point, our ShadowFence moves with you, following your movements and alerting you if your dog moves outside the personal perimeter you have established.

Select Between Multiple Geo-Fence Options

We make geo-fencing easy. The RoamEO SeekR provides three geo-fence options, making it easy to establish a GPS perimeter for any situation. And unlike subscription based systems, the SeekR does not require a street address to build a GPS perimeter. Whether you are visiting friends or family, taking a trip to your cabin or spending a week-end at your favorite campsite, the SeekR will keep your pet safe anywhere you enjoy spending time together.


Four-Sided GEO-Fence


Circular GEO-Fence


Custom GEO-Fence

Our Mission: Your Pet’s Safety

If you’re like most dog owners, your pet is part of the family. And just like the rest of your family, that means caring for your dog’s safety is very important. But dogs will be dogs and despite your best precautions sometimes even the best trained pets wander off in search of adventure. That’s when the RoamEO SeekR pet tracking system can help. Using precise location data from the GPS-enabled device attached to your dog’s existing collar, the RoamEO SeekR tracks your dog in any environment to bring them home safely. Reuniting with your best friend just got easier.

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