Monitor your pet’s location & activity using a GPS tracker dog collar. Our dog GPS system offers an effective & affordable way to keep your pet safe.

Your Pet’s Location—Without the Data Plan

Tired of subscriptions? The RoamEO SeekR tracks your dog using the latest, high sensitivity GPS technology but without the need for third party services or tiresome data plans. A GPS-enabled device attached to your dog’s collar generates precision location data in real-time, guiding you to your pet quickly and easily. No monthly data charges,  no annual contracts.

Petfinding Simplified

The RoamEO SeekR makes tracking your pet easy. The simple, intuitive screen will display your dog’s precise location and velocity and automatically refresh the data in real time as your pet is moving.


Always on the Go with Your Pet?

Our ShadowFence is perfect for all of those interactive adventures with your dog. Unlike normal geo-fences that are built around a stationary point, our ShadowFence moves with you, following your movements and alerting you if your dog moves outside the personal perimeter you have established.

Select Between Multiple Geo-Fence Options

We make geo-fencing easy. The RoamEO SeekR provides three geo-fence options, making it easy to establish a GPS perimeter for any situation. And unlike subscription based systems, the SeekR does not require a street address to build a GPS perimeter. Whether you are visiting friends or family, taking a trip to your cabin or spending a week-end at your favorite campsite, the SeekR will keep your pet safe anywhere you enjoy spending time together.


Four-Sided GEO-Fence


Circular GEO-Fence


Custom GEO-Fence

Breath easy. Enjoy the Moment. You’ve got RoamEO.

No one thinks they are going to lose their pet, yet every year millions of pets go missing.  Avoid becoming a statistic: get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loyal companion is never far away with the RoamEO SeekR .   

With You, Every Step of the Way

RoamEO SeekR makes your journey easier with a versatile interface that seamlessly updates and tracks your pet’s movements.

5-7 Mile Range

Proprietary radio circuit designed for extended range

RoamEO-SeekR-Dog-GPS-with-long battery-life
Long Battery Life

Over one week between charges, depending on system use

Keeping You Updated

The system updates location data every four seconds when your pet is on the move

Track Two Dogs

Each handheld receiver can track two dogs simultaneously


Waterproof collar fully submersible, IP67 rated

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