Monitor your pet’s location & activity using a GPS tracker dog collar. Our dog GPS system offers an effective & affordable way to keep your pet safe.

Your Pet’s Location—Without the Data Plan

Paying enough for data plans already? The RoamEO SeekR locates your dog using the latest high sensitivity GPS technology but without the need for third party services and costly subscription plans. A GPS-enabled device attached to your dog’s collar generates precision location data, guiding you to your pet quickly and easily. No monthly data charges, no annual contracts.

A Pet Tracker that Works Where You Play

The RoamEO SeekR tracks your pet with location data received directly from GPS satellites—not from cell towers. Whether it’s in your backyard or somewhere off the grid, the RoamEO SeekR has the technology to track your pet anywhere you spend time with your loyal companion.

Petfinding Simplified

The RoamEO SeekR’s simple, intuitive screen displays your dog’s precise distance and direction, tracking your dog without the need for streets or other reference landmarks that are required for mapping apps to be effective.

User requests new location updates
System continuously displays your dog’s precise
location from data refreshed every few seconds

A Budget Friendly Pet Tracker


The subscription free RoamEO SeekR is designed for pet owners on a budget, eliminating the additional monthly data charges that are necessary for other pet trackers.

Versatility for Your Peace of Mind

Select from any of the RoamEO SeekR’s many tracking options to help keep your dog safe
in all the ways you share time together.


Track your dog’s distance and direction in real time with location updates that are refreshed every few seconds



The collar transmitter is in sleep mode and only communicates its location data when requested by the user


Create a geo-fence and receive an alert within seconds if your dog exits the perimeter



Create a moving geo-fence that follows your movements and receive an alert if your dog exits the perimeter

With You, Every Step of the Way

RoamEO SeekR makes your journey easier with a versatile interface that seamlessly updates and tracks your pet’s movements.

3 – 5 Mile Range

Designed to track your dog over long distances

RoamEO-SeekR-Dog-GPS-with-long battery-life
Rechargeable Batteries

Up to seven days between charges depending on the tracking mode selected

Real-time Updates

Location data automatically refreshed every few seconds when your pet is on the move

Track Two Dogs

Handheld Receiver can track two dogs simultaneously

Customized Geofences

Design any shape for your GPS perimeter with up to 25 fence posts


IPX7 rated collar transmitter is fully submersible

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