Monitor your pet’s location & activity using a GPS dog collar. Our dog GPS system offers an effective & affordable way to keep your pet safe.

Your Pet’s Location—Without the Data Plan

The RoamEO SeekR tracks your dog with the latest, high sensitivity GPS technology. Your loyal companion will never be far away with our unique tracking system that updates your pet’s location every few seconds, giving you the freedom to enjoy every minute of your time together.

Not Quite Sure Where Your Dog Is?

Every minute matters if your dog is missing. The RoamEO SeekR begins providing location updates in less than one minute and then continues to deliver precise direction and distance data every few seconds for as long as it takes to find your dog.

SeekR vs Cell Towers: See the Differences!
Tired of Subscriptions? Yup, so are we.

The RoamEO SeekR is Subscription Free!

The RoamEO SeekR does not use third party services, relieving you of the burden of the extra monthly charges that are required for subscription based systems. 

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Street Maps are Great… for Cars.

Finding your dog with tracking systems that display your pet’s location on a street map depends on many variables: the quality of the maps, the availability of a cell signal and the number of streets or other landmarks where you are searching. Missing any one of these will make it difficult to find your loyal companion. The technology behind the RoamEO SeekR eliminates all of the uncertainties of map-based systems and guides you directly to your dog, in any environment.


Always on the Go with Your Pet?

Our ShadowFence is perfect for all of those interactive adventures with your dog. Unlike normal geo-fences that are built around a stationary point, our ShadowFence moves with you, following your movements and alerting you if your dog moves outside the personal perimeter you have established.

Select Between Multiple Geo-Fence Options

We make geo-fencing easy. The RoamEO SeekR provides three geo-fence options, making it easy to establish a GPS perimeter for any situation. And unlike subscription based systems, the SeekR does not require a street address to build a GPS perimeter. Whether you are visiting friends or family, taking a trip to your cabin or spending a week-end at your favorite campsite, the SeekR will keep your pet safe anywhere you enjoy spending time together.


Four-Sided GEO-Fence


Circular GEO-Fence


Custom GEO-Fence

Waterproof Collar. Dive Right In!

If your dog loves the water, the RoamEO SeekR is the perfect system for those fun days at the beach. Our GPS dog collar is designed to be fully submersible for extended periods of time, making it safe for even the harshest environments.



Easily toggle between a basic and a more advanced tracking screen depending on your need.


We make geo-fencing easy: select any one of three available options, each of which can be customized to your environment.


Whether your dog is a swimming champion or just likes to splash in puddles, our collar is designed for all the fun your dog can have.


More than one pet? No worries: each handheld receiver can track two dogs simultaneously.



Move to simplify your life: no service plans to manage, no bills to pay every month.


A circular geo-fence that moves with you, ideal for situations when both you and your pet are active.


Most dogs will never wander very far away, but the RoamEO SeekR is a great security plan if your pet decides to explore the next county.


3.2″ color TFT display with touchscreen controls allow for quick and easy system operation day or night.

Your Adventures Await

RoamEO SeekR makes your journey easier with a versatile interface that seamlessly updates and tracks your pet’s movements.

5-7 Mile Range

Proprietary radio circuit designed for extended range

Long Battery Life

Over one week between charges, depending on system use

Keeping You Updated

The system updates location data every four seconds when your pet is on the move

Track Two Dogs

Each handheld receiver can track two dogs simultaneously

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