RoamEO SeekR

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A versatile GPS tracking system designed for your active pet

Your Pet's Location Made Simple

PetTronix offers the most advanced dog collars with GPS tracking systems. Whether you are at home or in the outdoors, these products are an ideal way to locate your pet. Simply install one of these on your pet’s body and you’re ready to track its location. Read on to find out more.

Two Tracking Screens
Easily toggle between a basic and a more advanced tracking screen depending on your need.

Multiple Geo-fence options
We make geo-fencing easy: select any one of three available options, each of which can be customized to your environment.

Waterproof Collar
Whether your dog is a swimming champion or just likes to splash in puddles, our collar is designed for all the fun your dog can have.

Track Two Dogs
More than one pet? No worries: each handheld receiver can track two dogs simultaneously.

RoamEO SeekR

No subscription required
Move to simplify your life: no service plans to manage, no bills to pay every month.

A circular geo-fence that moves with you, ideal for situations when both you and your pet are active.

5 - 7 mile range
Most dogs will never wander very far away, but the RoamEO SeekR is a great security plan if your pet decides to explore the next county.

3.2" color TFT display with touchscreen controls allow for quick and easy system operation day or night.

The RoamEO SeekR uses the latest GPS technology to track your pet's activity in any environment, giving you the peace of mind of always knowing where your dog is – quickly, easily and in real-time. This innovative product has all the features and functionalities you need to ensure the safety of your pet wherever you go. With its powerful features, you can have a clear idea how far your pet goes. This way, you can easily save your dog from potential danger.

No Subscription Required

The RoamEO SeekR does not use any third party services, meaning it will work anywhere and without the extra monthly charges required for subscription based systems.

Learn more about the cost of ownership.

Two Tracking Screen Options

The RoamEO SeekR allows you to select between a basic tracking screen and a more advanced interface by a simple touch of the LCD. Both interfaces provide the distance, speed and movement of your dog in real-time, updating the location data every four seconds.

Depending on your need and preference, you can easily toggle between the two screens for easy tracking and viewing. This product is superior in terms of technology, quality and reliability. Having two screen options means getting the most of your dog GPS tracking device. The RoamEO SeekR is the perfect safety solution for your pet.


Beacon continuously tracks your dog's movements



Basic Screen


Icons track your dog's movements




Geo-Fence perimeter

Navigation bar

Scale adjustable

Advanced Screen











Waterproof Collar

If your dog loves the water, the RoamEO SeekR is the perfect system for those fun days at the beach. The collar tranmitter is designed to be fully submersible for extended periods of time, making it safe for even the harshest environments.



Select Between Multiple Geo-Fence Options

The RoamEO SeekR provides three geo-fence options, making it easy to establish a GPS perimeter for any situation. All of the geo-fence perimeters provide both an audible and visual alert should your pet exit the defined boundary.

Learn more about geo-fence options.

Four-sided Geo-Fence
Circular Geo-Fence

Geo-fence size can be easily adjusted

Custom Geo-Fence

Customize a geo-fence perimeter for your needs





Always on the go with your pet? Our ShadowFence is perfect for all of those interactive adventures with your dog. Unlike normal geo-fences that are built around a stationary point, ShadowFence moves with you, following your movements and alerting you if your dog moves outside the personal perimeter you have established.












Your Adventures Await

RoamEO SeekR makes your journey easier with a versatile interface that seamlessly updates and tracks your pet's movements.

Proprietary radio circuit designed for extended range

Over one week between charges, depending on system use

Updates location data every four seconds when your pet is on the move

RoamEO Lifestyles

I use my RoamEO SeekR at my cabin all the time now. My neighbors aren't quite as fond of my dog as I am so I decided to buy the RoamEO system to help me keep an eye on her. Now when I'm busy or distracted there, I can find my dog right away by just glancing at the handheld. The system has a really quick update rate and lets me know immediately where my dog is so I can retrieve her if I need to.

Ely, Minnesota

The Shadowfence is perfect for our local dog park! When I get to the park, I set a perimeter of 60 feet and it lets me know if my dog wanders beyond that. I love that feature, especially on days when the park has a lot of activity and it's a bit more difficult to watch him. Now I get an alert and can quickly spot him if he wanders too far. He's having more fun and I'm less stressed. Thank you!

Dallas, Texas

I love that there are no monthly fees. My dog is generally well-behaved and he's not a runner so I'm not concerned that he's going to wander off somewhere. But I still like the idea of having a tracking system for some occasions when he is in a new environment or when we're out hiking. The idea for paying for a service I wouldn't use everyday made it difficult to justify purchasing a system that required a monthly bill. Your system gives me the peace of mind I wanted but without another data plan.

Seattle, Washington